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The international expansion of your business provides many opportunities, such as access to new markets, technology, or capital. Each business has its own unique set of requirements. However, the human resources element is common to them all and plays a crucial role. Globally, and especially in attractive hotspot locations, the pressure on the talent stream continues to grow. Consequently, recruiting and retaining the right talent for your business is a critical factor in the success of your overseas expansion.

Key aspects of establishing new operations abroad include:

  • Optimal location selection;
  • Access to talent (immediate & long-term);
  • Understanding and addressing cultural differences;

Underestimating the human resources element can prove problematic to both the U.S. headquarters and the overseas office and possibly result in the loss of key talent, with a consequential impact on the business.

In terms of Human Resources, overseas expansion requires:

  • A clear international talent acquisition strategy;
  • Access to the best talent networks in Europe;
  • Access to the right talent;

MYT provides turnkey services for talent acquisition tailored to your business, allowing you to hit the ground running with overseas EU operations.

Expanding your business into Europe? Mind Your Talent!


MYT is a boutique executive search firm with more than 20 years of practical experience guiding many American-based companies to settle and grow into Europe and vice versa. As a result, we implicitly understand the challenges and objectives of US companies. With offices in both the Netherlands and in the US, MYT specializes in attracting the best possible highest quality talent for hard-to-fill executive-level positions and C-suite functions.

You are as smart as your network!’

This is especially true when conducting business abroad. Consequently, MYT Executive Search facilitates expert meetings in the form of webinars, or breakfast sessions, where US-based companies share best practices and tips and tricks on growing a business in Europe – based on real-world experience. In addition, MYT can introduce you to fellow American companies, European economic development organizations, as well as schools, universities, and other knowledge institutions as part of a holistic orientation process. MYT is also affiliated with a European FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) network, which includes experts in the fields of real estate, tax, and supply chain management.


The founder and CEO of MYT, Bodo de Wit, began his career in the US Midwest working for a Dutch company. This was followed by a succession of business development roles in Europe. Bodo has over 20 years of economic development experience, primarily focused on attracting US companies to the Netherlands and assisting Dutch companies in entering the US market. His extensive affinity with the US and Dutch cultures and considerable experience as a mediator allows him to bridge the gap between European and US best practices in business.